We own a small self-storage and mini-warehouse business in northwest Austin Texas. Established in 1996 Affordable Storage Inc. serves families and small businesses with safe, secure and affordable storage for their possessions and equipment. We specialize in hosting entrepreneurial businesses that have outgrown the owner's home or garage allowing them to recapture that space for their use. Ocassionaly an account will go bad and the renter picks through their things taking what they want and discarding the rest. We sort though what remains and sell it here in The Second Hand Store to recoup some of our lost rent as well as reducing what goes to the landfill by recycling items that can be reused. We sell only the best items that have plenty of useful life remaining and sometimes are brand new at great prices. The remainder is donated to local charities for further recycling. Each item is described accurately and we include high resolution images for your review. We also answer all emails so if you have a question about an item feel free to ask us. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER credit cards as well as PAYPAL. We ship using USPS Priority Mail only so you get your item quick and intact. We guarantee shipment min 24 hours or the next business day. Your transaction is guaranteed secure and shop with confidence because we have over 1460 positive feedbacks on eBay and have a 99% positive feedback rating on Amazon. Just look for Affordable Storage Inc. stores on those sites. Our inventory is constantly changing so be sure to visit us often and if you register with us we will occassionaly send out an email featuring our latest bargains. If you need something you don't see, feel free to send us an email because we have only so much space in our store and have a huge inventory of items not listed yet.